Heat Repair 15ml

This product is studied to reproduce grain on heavily damaged leather.
Codice 66191

It is cured by heating it with the Heat Iron and will produce a permanent flexible bond with the surrounding leather. When properly applied, in most cases the repair will be invisible!


1. Clean the damage area with Deep Cleaner F.

2. Fill it with Heat Repair.

3. Put the grain copy pad on top of the Heat Repair.

4. Put Heat Paper Repair on top of the grain copy.

5. Move the Heat Iron slowly over the Heat Paper Repair in a circular movements for about 30-40 seconds.

6. Remove the Heat Paper Repair and the grain copy pad.

7. Color the damage area using the correctly matched Touch Up Pigment or copletely refinish the leather as needed.

8. When the color is completely dry, apply Leather Protector.

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