Leather Cleaner 250ml

To perfectly clean your leather safeguarding rub resistance.
Available in:

Codice 63612

Leather Cleaner is a balanced, neutral pH water-based cleaner that gently cleanses, thoroughly enhancing the natural beauty and feel of the leather. Some non-specialist cleaning solutions or household soap and water leave a residue that will harm the flexibility of the leather and reduce wet rub resistance. Leather Cleaner is most effective for cleaning general soiling, protein or water-based stains. Leather Cleaner is formulated for use on all grained leather, topcoated and aniline. For nubuck leather, FENICE has formulated a Nubuck Cleaner to address the specific needs of these leather.
Pre-Test: Apply the product to a hidden area and only proceed once the required result has been obtained.


Directions: Always test the color fastness before treatment. Vacuum clean the leather with a soft-tipped brush. Shake the bottle well. Use gloves. Wet a sponge with Leather Cleaner, squeeze out the excess and dab until the soil is dissolved. Do not rub! Wipe away all residue with a clean non-abrasive cloth. Clean leather with a wet sponge dampened in water. Allow to dry, remove all traces using Leather Cleaner, then treat with Leather Protector.

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