Steering Wheel Renovation Kit

A do-it-yourself kit to repair worn steering wheels

The renewal treatment to bring a leather steering wheel back to a like-new condition. 

Fenice’s technology allows to renew any leather steering wheel in a simple and rapid way.


This kit contains:


Steering Wheel Power Cleaner 100 ml: designed to remove difficult stains or dirt accumulated over time on the surface of the leather.

Steering Wheel Color 100 ml: the easiest and most effective solution to recolor leather steering wheels. It’s a ready-to-use product.

Steering Wheel Sealer 90 ml: a transparent top coat that guarantees high durability and resistance against dirt and rubbing, it gives a matte finish and a silky touch feeling. 

Activator 10 ml: a water-based product that must be mixed with the Sealer, it guarantees high elasticity and high durability standards. Furthermore it increases the adhesion and the resistance to both wet and dry rubbing.

Dual-Action Sponge: a sponge consisting of two sponges joined together, the white side allows to remove stains and to clean engrained dirt, the colored side should be used for routine cleaning and also allows the Steering Wheel Sealer to be padded on the steering wheel surface.

Microfiber Glove: easy to wear during the rinsing phase.

Sand Paper 800: abrasive paper essential to make the surface of the steering wheel smoother and allows a better adhesion of the products.

Product Information Leaflet with instructions for use.


Steering Wheel Color is available in the following colors:

Black - cod. 205933

Beige - cod. 205940

Medium Brown - cod. 205943

Dark Brown - cod. 205944

Medium Grey - cod. 205941

Dark Grey - cod. 205942

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