Car Textile Care Kit

The complete treatment for the care and long-term beauty of your car textile interiors.
Codice 205934

Designed for automotive textile interiors.

This kit contains a professional cleaner that removes ingrained stains and a protective stain protection spray for textiles.



100ml Fabric Vanish Remover A + 100ml Fabric Vanish Remover B 

Fabric Vanish Remover is a professional cleaner composed of two components: Fabric Vanish Remover A and Fabric Vanish Remover B. Once the two products are united the product has best performances within the first 8 hours. It removes ingrained stains such as wine, coffee and fruit juice.

150ml Textile Protector

Textile Protector is an efficient and mild water-based protector for most kinds of fabric. A technologically advanced product to protect fabric from oil, alcohol, protein and water-based stains. The protector forms a breathable invisible barrier that increases the stain resistance and clean-ability of the fabric.

150ml Empty bottle with trigger

1 Microfiber Glove



The protection should always be reapplied after every cleaning cycle even when there's an accidental stain.

S5 Box




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