Pull Up Revive 250ml

To renew & restore pull up leather.
Available in:

Codice 63591

Leather type usage: For all leather that have a pull up surface treatment.

Over time, the tannery applied pull up effect will diminish with use. This is most evident by a lightening of the leather in high use areas. Surface scratches can arise by fingernail marks or light scuffs. Pull Up Revive contains the same type of formulation applied at the tannery by machine. Pull Up Revive transfers this process to a hand applied level to give the possibility of renewing pull up leather outside of the tannery.

Pre-Test: Pull Up Revive is designed for pull up leather. Identify your leather as having a pull up effect prior to use. Apply product in a discreat area, heat and make sure you are satisfied with the result, otherwise discontinue use.

Directions: Shake well prior to use for best results. Apply Pull Up Revive to a sponge or lint-free cloth and rub lightly into surface scratches or areas that need restoration. Use of a domestic hairdryer with heat will assist the product activation. For deep scratches, it may be necessary to massage the area as you apply heat from the dryer. A second application may be needed for leather with excessive wax or oil loss.

Routine care: Use Pull Up Revive as needed to keep your pull up leather looking new. 

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