Leather Revive 250ml

For dry, stiff or squeaky leather.
Available in:

Codice 63614

A water-based cream for pigmented, bycast and dry aniline leather (do not use on nubuck and suede). Leather Revive is a highly advanced product designed to revitalize leather and improve suppleness. Leather Revive is also suitable for bycast leather that have light areas due to folds or for lightly scratched areas. Apply by cloth then dry with a hairdryer using warm air.

Pre-Test: Shake the bottle well. To test, apply Leather Revive to a hidden area and observe whether discoloring or darkening occurs after drying. If this occurs, or you are not satisfied with the result, discontinue use.

Directions: Vacuum the leather with a softtipped brush. Clean with Leather Cleaner. Allow to dry. Shake Leather Revive well. Apply with a cloth and gently wipe with circular movements. Allow to dry and lightly buff with a clean cloth. Do not rub!

Routine care: Recommended application 2-4 times a year or as required. 

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