Chewing Gum Away 250ml

Chewing Gum Away is a solvent-based cleaning product effective on most of fabrics.
Codice 63508

Different from many solutions or soaps, it does not leave a residue. It removes chewing gum from fabric without leaving dried residue or rings.

Pre-Test: dampen a white cloth with water only. Rub the fabric lightly to see if color is transferred to the cloth. If color is removed just with water, it is certain that any product will remove color, so in this case do not use the cleaner. If there is no color loss with water, repeat the test with Chewing Gum Away, being sure that you are satisfied with the results.

Directions: Apply the product directly on the chewing gum and around it, without pre-diluting the product. Wait a few seconds and rub with a medium hard bristle brush, until the chewing gum is completely removed. Repeat operation if necessary.

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