Ink Remover 20ml

Easy-to-use stick for the removal of
ink, lipstick or chocolate stains.
Sales price: 9,32 €
Codice 58166

Ink Remover is for cleaning recent ballpoint ink or lipstick from topcoated leather, vinyl or vinyl-like surfaces. Sometimes, Ink Remover may be used on fresh stains on bycast and aniline leather that have had prior treatment with Leather Protector. On some aniline leather, it may cause darkening that disappears in a couple of days.


Pre-test: Apply the product in a hidden area to check the outcome. Removal becomes increasingly difficult with time.

Directions: Rub the product directly over the spot a few times, allowing 30 seconds for the ink to dissolve. Once you see the ink start to dissolve, use a soft lint-free cloth to wipe away both the Ink Remover and ink mark. For stubborn stains, a second application may be needed. Do not rub!


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