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Fenice: Tools for your Business

Fenice offers many business opportunities by providing training and partnerships worldwide.

There are many benefits of being part of the Fenice World.  

▶ Technical managers attend training courses to equip themeselves with the skills required by the market and/or to pursue a career in the field of leather.

▶ The opportunity of specialist partnerships for all those who work, or intend to work, as repairers of leather and fabrics.

▶ A distribution partnership for those who intend to resell safe and technologically advanced products helping to increase and promote customer loyalty.

Firstly, the oppportunity of taking advantage of Fenice’s experience, technical support and unbeatable reputation.

All members of the Fenice World have access to:

▶ Technical videos showing how to optimize sofa and leather seat repairs

▶ Constantly updated datasheets of new procedures to be used with Fenice products

▶ Sales support utilizing the unbeatable Fenice brand.

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