Ten Good Reasons to Choose Fenice


1 | Fenice Professional Repairers: Only the best can serve the best!


Being a Fenice Care System Prefessional Repairer requires unique skills and expertise. The customer services working for major furniture chains should be managed with the greatest professionalism in the industry.

The Fenice Care System Repair Network was selected using strict criteria to ensure that the quality of service provided is always excellent.

All our Professional Repairers have a minimum of 10 years experience as upholsterers.

They are required to guarantee our customers absolute priority and to possess the following requirements:

  • Excellent skills to resolve any problem
  • Ability to work at the customer’s home
  • Possibility to maintain a spare parts warehouse to speed up common operations and minimize transport costs
  • Transport to move furniture to the lab
  • A pc with an Internet broadband connection to successfully complete all the required documentation
  • Strict adhesion to our moral and ethical code of conduct and willingness to be part of a group whose sole purpose is to prioritise the customer and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Smart appearance
  • Professionally equipped vehicles 
  • Accept performance related pay

The members of the team are constantly evolving with low performers leaving and being replaced by new ones to ensure a highly professional service.

Successful Professional Repairers with increasing customer numbers are given extra support ,to ensure a consistently high quality of service, for the resulting higher numbers of customers.

2 | Professional training


Fenice’s Professional Repairers are the best!

Fenice keeps them unbeatable!

Professional Repairers attend regular, obligatory meetings to be updated on new developments in the field and share experiences, problems and needs.

Trainers offer their professional expertise to help the Professional Repairers improve their understanding of customer needs.

Fenice’s technicians liaise constantly with our manufacturers, stores and the Fenice Research Centre keeping the network updated with the most common problems, new techniques and technologies available.


3 | The most innovative technologies to serve our customers


Fenice’s highly sophisticated computer infrastructure, expertise and top IT experts maintain a network management system that ensures maximum efficiency.

Communication occurs via a dedicated internet portal, on which every movement is recorded: Telephone contacts, technician visits (including visit reports and photos) and administrative management.

Customers are offered a web page to follow the progress of their particular case in real time.

Stores are also constantly updated through the portal. Producers have access to a technical report with photos of advanced reporting and statistics on the incidence of defects for each model. They can monitor the response time in each zone with real time data and make sure that the service provided to their clients matches their expectations.

In addition, the power of web services allows us to interface our systems with those of the manufacturers in order to obtain a powerful tool to act with the utmost efficiency and show the customer excellent professionalism.

When a customer tells us his name, we already know everything about him, what he bought, if it is covered by the warranty or not, and where to find him/her.

The impact of being immediately recognized is important and has a very powerful effect on the customer.

A professional team is continually developing systems in sync with changes in technology guaranteeing future improvements to our services.

4 | Simple and easy billing


Every month our computer system issues a single invoice containing the details of any action taken at national level.

Each service charge contains a reference code which can be used at any time to view each contact made with the customer and details of all work done including any photos through the portal.

Any other useful information such as payment details is also available.


5 | The parts center


Technical experts evaluate all requests for spare parts before passing them on to manufacturers.

The status of each order can be monitored in real time by manufacturers, repairers and customers. An automated system monitors the time of execution and in case of delays, sends the necessary reminders and a letter of apology to the waiting customer.

6 | Improved response times


A customer who has invested in a new sofa deserves a very fast, efficient service so Fenice contacts the customer within two working days of the problem being notified.

An attempt is always made to solve the problem in the customer’s home, so that the problem can be resolved in the shortest time possible.

If the sofa has to be taken to a laboratory for a more complex repair, Fenice is still committed to finishing the work in record time. Our repairers have fixed time limits for each repair intervention and our information systems carefully control their timing. If deadlines are not met, the service technicians are fined and are replaced.

7 | Technical and legal assistance


Fenice’s priority is to maximize its customers’ satisfaction because they are the most important asset of any company.

However, despite all Fenice’s efforts, certain situations may require legal assistance. The precise documentation of each case means Fenice can manage any unusual situation with the knowledge and ability that demonstrates goodwill has been shown and everything required by law has been done.

8 | Quality Control


Fenice has uniquely high standards of quality and uncompromising excellence. Only perfect repairs are acceptable. All work is performed with the full knowledge that the problem is permanently solved.

All repair times and every final report are checked.

Fenice has a person dedicated to monitoring customer satisfaction who dedicates their time and effort to liaising with customers on the phone.When this feedback has been obtained, Fenice analyses its customers' opinions regarding the service they have received and notes their invaluable recommendations on how to improve its services in the future.

The stores are then contacted and given this information regarding customer satisfaction to ensure that all complaints are communicated immediately.

9 | Accurate statistics


Fenice’s information system classifies all actions taken and provides manufacturers with the incidence of defects of individual parts by model and region.

Once common problems have been identified, photos can be used to highlight underlying persistent problems which are obviously a valuable tool for maintaining high standards in manufacturing quality.

10 | Proud of your reputation


Fenice pampers your customers.

Fenice team makes your customer satisfaction the reason to exist.

Being alert is part of our DNA, not an obstacle to be overcome.

Fenice’s professionalism is measured by how well issues are resolved and the degree to which we satisfy your customers.

This is our primary concern.

The certainty of making your customers happy is what gives us the enthusiasm and drive to go to work every morning.

At Fenice’s call center your customers will find people who listen and understand: no buttons to press, no answering machine.

Fenice’s information systems are created to pamper the customers.

Details of a web page where the customer can monitor the progress of their claim through a login and a password are also given.

The system then continuously monitors the progress of the claims, sending reminders when necessary.

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