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Little Secrets for a permanent ‘Brand new’ look

Fenice’s water based Leather Protector should be used when leather articles are new, to form an invisible, breathable barrier which improves stain resistance and easy-of-cleaning over time.

The range includes single bottles, envelopes containing 20/150/ individual wipes as well as complete kits. Over time, if leather surfaces are not cleaned and protected regularly, the sebum and acids that come from human skin react with leather surfaces to cause cracking, peeling &/or discoloration.

This effect is very evident on headrests and arms of sofas which have been left untreated.

Keeping your sofa in ‘Tiptop’ condition

To ensure the ongoing beauty of your living room regular maintenance of leather furniture is essential.

Here are a few tips:


1aspirapolvereVacuum regularly to remove dust. Use authorized products, not milk detergents or soap which can often harm furniture.


2liquidi sparsiRemove any spills immediately by blotting dry with a clean cloth. Do not rub!


3pulizia-mesileClean monthly to prevent build up of spots and general dirt. Protect your newly bought leather furniture with Leather Protector.


4fonti-caloreAvoid placing your sofa near sources of direct heat such as fireplaces or radiators which can cause leather surfaces to dry and crack. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as all materials fade in color over time. 

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If you are unable to remove a stain with Leather Cleaner, do not rub excessively or use other household products which could seriously damage your leather sofa. Consult this web-site or contact a specialist.



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