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Taking care of your fabric sofa and chair seats

Quality furniture is an investment.

Regular cleaning and care is essential to ensure long term beauty.

The life of fabric upholstery can be prolonged by following a few simple rules.

A few tips from Fenice:

1aspirapolvereWeekly vacuuming or light brushing helps to remove surface dust and prevent dirt and grime from embedding in the fibers which can lead to increased abrasion and wear. Rotate reversible cushions periodically to ensure uniform wear and to allow the seat filling time to spring back into shape.

2liquidi sparsiRemove spills immediately by using Fenice’s Fabric Care Kit. Soak up liquid with a clean, absorbent cloth. Remove solids with a spoon. Do not rub. 

3pulizia-mesileProtect your sofa from direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources to avoid the fabric fading.

4fonti-caloreUse Fenice Fabric Care Kit protective treatment on your furniture to prolong the life of its fabric and minimise maintenance by preventing permanent staining.


New, damp jeans can leave dye on your furniture which is can be very difficult to remove. Problems are greatly reduced after they have been washed for the first time.
Protect your new fabric articles before use to shield them with an invisible, breathable barrier that improves stain resistance and ease of cleaning over time. The use of Fenice’s Textile Protector is strongly recommended to protect and lengthen the life of fabric by at least 35%.

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