Longer Life for your Leahter


Fenice wants you to relax and enjoy your leather or fabric sofa, so you can trust the experience and professionalism of the Fenice brand.

Fenice is the right choice whether you need to clean or protect your sofa or even repair it after a domestic accident.

Fenice has become a leader in products for cleaning and finishing leather through its commitment to research and development.

Our original technology has resulted in us being a favoured supplier to tanneries when choosing the best way to transform leather hide into finished upholstery articles.

Fenice has created a complete range of excellent value, easy-to-use cleaners, stain removers, revivers and protectors.

All products have been dermatologically tested using natural water based substances.

Accessory kits are also available for the care of armchairs and sofas.


leather care kit


All you need to give your living room 3 complete clean and protection cycles.


S5 Box




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