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Taking care of leather


Leather is very delicate and deserves special treatment.

If leather furniture is not taken care of properly it will show its age over time.

A regular routine of cleaning and protection with Leather Cleaner and Car Leather Protector helps prevent the development of any possible undesirable change to the leather and maintain its natural appearance.

Guidelines for regular maintenance:

▶ Vacuum regularly to remove dust

▶ The use of Fenice’s care and cleaning products for car interiors is strongly recommended as other kinds of products, such as detergents or neutral soap can damage leather.

▶ Remove any spilt liquids with a clean, dry cloth immediately. Do not rub!

▶ Regular monthly cleaning avoids the accumulation of body and hair grease stains.

▶ The use of Fenice’s Car Leather Protector is strongly recommended to protect and lengthen the life of leather car interiors by at least 35%.

▶ Protect your new leather articles before use to shield them with an invisible, breathable barrier that improves stain resistance and ease of cleaning over time.schema hydroguard


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