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Add a Unique Service to your Portfolio!

Becoming a Fenice Authorized Car Center means:

Utilizing cutting-edge solutions to meet your customers' needs, competently solving all their problems promptly.

Having immediate technical support and a wide range of products that will make your service unique.

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More value to your expertise

FENICE’s specifically designed automotive products are created with a precise objective – to give you easy access to the technology used in tanneries to improve the efficiency of the services you provide. Being an Fenice Authorized Car Center means being recognized as a company which guarantees the best technological performance for repairing leather car interiors.

Simplify your job

Fenice ensures that you can safely repair any type of damage, even more infrequent problems, or those which are more difficult to resolve.

More solutions to your customers' problems

Fenice supplies two complete kits containing all the necessary equipment and carefully selected products to ensure your full autonomy. Speed up your work, reduce wastage and improve the quality oy your service!

Improved efficiency when cleaning leather, fabric and plastic

Only Fenice’s products are recommended for the protection and care of leather. In fact, they are the same as those used in tanneries for the production of automotive and furniture leather guaranteeing that the quality of all seat repairs using Fenice’s technology fulfils the rigorous specifications required by motor companies for their new leather seats.

More visiblity of your company’s image

Part of Fenice’s website is dedicated to our partners where a detailed presentation of their company can be displayed with descriptions of their best repairs.

More answers to your questions

Fenice organizes basic and advanced training courses for leather professionals interested in developing and regularly updating their professional skills. These courses teach how to optimize quality and achieve maximum efficiency using Fenice’s products and highly developed systems in the most appropriate way. Becoming a Fenice Authorized Car Centre provides extra access to professionals to tutorial videos, on-line courses and a series of frequently asked questions and answers provided by our technical experts on our website.

Improve your image

All marketing material is personalised with the Fenice brand: External building displays, promotional posters, brochures, rollups, and adhesives.

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