Full serenity with a 5 year Protection Plan

A liquid which is accidentally spilled onto your sofa could damage it permanently especially if it is not cleaned by professionals or with professional products. With Fenice Care System’s 5 year protection plan you can relax, knowing that you are protected against any minor accidents that can happen in life every day.

What is included in the Protection Plan?

Fenice Care System offers to cover the cost of any accident that may occur in the first 5 years of the sofa’s life.

A small investment made at the moment of your purchase can assure you of free assistance by a Fenice care specialist in case of an accident caused by stains from food, beverages (including red wine), sweets, ballpoint pen ink, cosmetics, shampoo, body and animal fluids, wax, wax polish, paints, bleach, acids.

In addition, corrosive and accidental damage such as tears, cuts, burns and scratches are covered, too.

How does the 5 Year Protection Plan work?

At the moment of your purchase, the seller will give you a copy of a contract detailing the 5 Year Protection Plan Programme and and a Fenice kit to prolong the life of your sofa.

The protection starts from the date the sofa is delivered and lasts for 5 years. If any damage occurs during this period, simply contact Fenice Care System for guidance on how to handle your problem using the Fenice leather care kit.

If necessary, a Fenice Care System technician will be sent free of charge to evaluate how the problem can be solved.

At his discretion, the damaged part or even the whole sofa may be replaced at no cost.

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