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Is it possible to clean my car interiors in a professional way, both for leather and fabric?

Certainly. Our technicians are able to sanitize and clean car interiors, even ingrained stains.


Is it possible to remove ink stains, repair cuts or holes, even cigarette burns from my car seats?
All you need to do is to visit the page dedicated to contacting the authorized center closest to you.


I have a car with light colored car seats that have never been cleaned. Now there is a patina on the surface and no way for me to clean them. What can I do?
If the seats have been treated with a regular cycle of cleaning and protection then the leather is much easier to be cleaned, on the other hand, dirt attacks the finishing and sticks to it. In this case it is necessary to first use the strong cleaner with a sponge to remove the ingrained dirt. The seat is then rinsed with a damp cloth and protected the appropriate protector.


How often should I apply the protector on my car seats?
The protector is applied after each time the interiors have been cleaned, so as to renew the protective barrier that makes the seats easier to be cleaned and to keep them soft throughout time.


How often should I clean my car seats?
The seats should be cleaned at least once a month to remove the patina of dirt that accumulates and that llowly destroys the finish. This patina is clearly evident on light-colored seats, but affects the dark colors in exactly the same way.


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