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How to remove specific stains on Alcantara

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Example: How to remove a coffee stain
STEP 1: Use Textile Stain Remover           STEP 2: Plug with a wet cloth

Textile Stain Remover  


TEXTILE STAIN REMOVERSmallAn effective water-based delicate cleaner for most types of fabric. It cleans colored stains such as wine, fruit juice, tea, oil and coffee.

Directions: Spray Textile Stain Remover directly onto the stain. Leave to work for about 6-8 hours. If after this period of time, the stain is not completely removed repeat the operation. If the product has not been able to clean the fabric, contact our technicians.



video alcantara textile stain

Chewing Gum Away


TOGLI CHEWING GUMSmallIt removes chewing gum from fabric without leaving dried residue or rings.

Directions: Apply the product directly on the chewing gum and around it, without pre-diluting the product. Wait a few seconds and rub with a medium hard bristle brush, until the chewing gum is completely removed. Repeat operation if necessary.







video alcantara chewing

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Fabric Ink & Plus Remover


RIMUOVI INCHIOSTRO TESSUTOSmallFabric Ink & Plus Remover is a solvent based product soluble in water suitable for ink, color, shoe cream, nail varnish and tar stains.

Directions: Dilute a part of Fabric Ink & Plus Remover in 5 parts of water and dampen a soft white cloth with the mixture. Blot the stain and wait for a few moments so that the product has time to work. Afterwards, blot the area with a soft dry white cloth to absorb the stain. Repeat the operation until the fabric is clean again. If the stain has not disappeared increase the concentration of Fabric Ink & Plus Remover in the mixture.







video alcantara inchiostro

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 Only products for the removal of ink and chewing gum should be used in the case of stubborn stains.

Products should be diluted prior to the above procedure or, the stain should be pre-treated with a wet cloth.

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