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Manufacturing a sofa

A new sofa in a home is admired for its color, shape and comfort.

Few people ever realise how much work and attention to detail is needed to make a sofa with all the characteristics that make it loved and appreciated.

Here below is a brief summary outlining the key phases in the manufacturing cycle of a sofa.

Manual cutting

Cutting is the first, and most delicate phase in the production process and needs to be done by an expert to minimise waste.

After the areas containing too many natural markings have been identified, the “templates” are placed on the remaining leather.

An expert cuts it in the most beneficial way, in order to maximise the size of the surface area which can be used for high qualiy articles.


Computerized cutting

Computerized cutting represents a new frontier for this part of production.

  • The leather is scanned for faults.
  • Templates are automatically inserted into the database and are then positioned over the leather.
  • Each single piece is cut ensuring that the maximum surface area possible is utilized avoiding the areas with too many natural markings.



After the leather has been cut, it is sewn using a machine that can nimbly perforate the leather. Modern computerized machines are able to control this by obtaining perfectly aligned stitches.



The carefully cut and sewn leather is placed on a prepared wooden frame for assembly by expert furniture craftsman.


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