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Frequent travellers know all too well that even with the help of the lastest wireless technology it’s not always easy to be contacted.

The world today is moving at a speed that does not allow companies to stop, just because the manager in charge is unavailable. For this reason, is important to empower everyone, enabling them to have the autonomy to be decisionmakers, even in unusual or difficult situations.

Every enterprise walks its own path in search of the best way to deal with this challenge.
Fenice has chosen to have an ‘Inspiration Wall’, an internal wall dedicated to displaying the basic principles that inspire any decision making within the company.

Everybody within Fenice knows very well that the Inspiration Wall provides the first step to solving any issue, answering any question.

Here are our principles:


The most important thing: mediocrity cannot exist, every action has to be completed to perfection, without compromise. No effort must be spared to achieve excellence. We only accept perfection in every aspect of our business, nothing else will do.


The success of our customers is the main reason for our company’s existance: if we don’t help towards this, we’re completely useless. Our actions are focused exclusively on the success of our customers. Our success is having brought success to our client.


Life today is more complex, stressful and difficult. Building a business can be hard on various levels and only a strong determination to achieve targets can grant the success for our customers and our excellence: we won’t give up!


Innovate or die: this is the tough law of modern industry. True innovation is only possible with a team of talented people getting on well with each other and that dare to try. Those who consider mistakes an unfortunate, but necessary step toward success. A team who are constantly searching for solutions to improve our clients’ life.


We have a single planet, Earth! It was entrusted to us and we must pass this on to future generations. Let’s give our small contribution to make it better, let’s forget what other people should do and do our part. Let’s respect the environment, avoid pollution, work hard to grant better working conditions within the company and for our customers.

This is our belief and our mission.

We done our best with this statement to pass on as much information as possible and I hope it will be a precious working tool as well as pleasant, useful reading.


Giovanni Pisi

S5 Box




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