Our After-Sales Service for Furniture Manufacturers

Fenice Care System offers a range of services to furniture manufacturers and stores:

  • Standard or tailor-made services, including partial or complete management of the after-sales service
  • A protection plan against stains and accidental damage
  • Repairs for structural or transport damage


Our services:

  • Partial or complete management of the after-sales service (depending on the customer’s mandate)
  • A 5 year protection plan against stains and accidental damage (5 year protection plan)
  • Repair of structural and transport damage
  • Repair of scratches and abrasions without replacement of parts
  • Comfort optimization
  • Repair / replacement of any damaged mechanism
  • Color matching/fixing in case of partial replacement of covers
  • Replacement of electrical components (remote controls, transformers)

Therefore sales people can devote more time to sales and a greater number of customers are satisfied with a fast, efficient service:

Your customers will remain yours!

The Claim Management Cycle:

For stores which prefer to receive claims directly:

  • The customer makes a claim to the store
  • The store informs the customer that they will be contacted by the after-sales service team within 48 hours
  • The store then forwards the claim through the portal http://portal.divanoprotetto.it

For customers who call the Fenice Care System call center directly:

  • The customer calls a dedicated toll free number
  • The employees of the call center receive the claim in real time and fix an appointment for an estimate.

Skilled technicians visit the customer and assess the situation.

If the problem is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty the expert technicians explain why the repair is not covered with reference to the manufacturer's specifications.

If the problem is covered by the warranty, Fenice’s technicians either:

  • Perform the necessary repairs on-site, or,
  • Arrange for the sofa to be taken to their laboratory for repair  ordering any required spare parts.

Finally, a technical report is written and made available to the store online.

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