Our strengths

Using the same technology applied in tanneries for repairs has several advantages:


  • Repairs carried out with the "spare parts": if done properly will last as much as new leather;
  • Colors made of waterborne polyurethane binders with high flexibility;
  • Constant updating of products aligned with the best technology available in tanneries.

The secret is technology


Fenice always brings the technology of protection, cleaning and renovation of leather to the highest level. This is thanks to specialized expertise that operates with constantly up to date techniques.

This results from a corporate philosophy that places the utmost confidence in innovation.
Fenice is situated in North East Italy, just a few minutes from the important tanning area of Arzignano and is constantly growing by working every day with experts of the largest tanneries.

Thanks to this partnership it participates directly with the development of techniques for treating leather hides, being well aware of all of its secrets.
The leather is finished with Fenice’s technology and still today the their technicians test the product behaviour in the internal miniature tannery, possessing all the latest machinery for developing innovative and ecological finishing.

For this reason, Fenice anticipates trends and market changes: the company is directly involved in their development.

A specialized ReD team is devoted to the development of products for the care of microfiber and fabric to ensure a constant update and technology for these fashionable items.
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