Become a Leather Expert!

Fenice Care System’s courses provide training in the methods of repairing leather car interiors and leather furniture.

Understanding Leather

1 capire-la-pelleExplains how to:
 Develop the necessary professional competence to sell a leather article.
 Distinguish between the different leather types, finishes and colors.
 How to optimise leather use.
 How to communicate this knowledge to customers efficiently to gain their trust and loyalty.

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'Basic' Repairing Leather Course


2 riparare-pelle-baseExplains how to:

 Recognise and resolve the most common problems of wear and tear, scratches and stains using quick repair techniques.

 Apply the most efficient techniques using the most appropriate products.

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'Advanced' Repairing Leather Course


3 riparare-pelle-avanzato▶ Ideal for people who have done the ‘Basic’ course or who have previous experience and wish to learn more about the latest expertise.

▶ This training is performed in order to equip professionals with the skills to repair serious problems that risk being left unresolved or treated in a sub-standard way.

 Essential training to operate in this professional sector.

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Leather Expert

BEFORE AFTER SEDIEL▶ A complete, intensive course which equips technicians with the skills for a career in professional repairs providing them with the expertise and ability to manage any problem.

▶  Learn how to repair any damage which may occur to a wide selection of leather articles.

▶  Training includes techniques to renew old, seriously damaged sofas using FENICE’s technology.

▶  Ideal for highly motivated technicians wishing to further develop their practical skills.

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Expert for Car Interiors

BEFORE-AFTER-sedileFENICE CARE SYSTEM offers the opportunity to acquire technical skills specifically for the renewal and re-conditioning of car interiors.

At the end of the course you will have all the skills to offer a selection of new services that will not only provide a substantial revenue stream to your business but also grant you great deal of satisfaction. You can cooperate with automotive sales organizations, for new and used vehicles, with car upholsterers or directly with private customers.

You can carry out professional stain removal, offering a protection that will help the leather to form a barrier against water, oil and alcohol based stains.

 You will learn how to renew steering wheels that have deteriorated through use.

 You can repair damaged seats, such as those with cigarette burns.

 You will understand how to completely renew the interiors of vintage/classic cars, while maintaining their authenticity.

Do you have scratches on the dashboard? We can teach you how to fix those too.

 We can also teach you how to remove stains from fabric and clean ingrained dirt.

 You’ll become a “make up artist” able to offer customers various solutions to personalise their interior: everything from leather arome/perfumed scent, the type of feel, or pearl and metallic effects!

 We will always be available to support any technical issues that you may have, so you can rest assured when taking on all levels of leather repair.

 Our technical assistance service will also assist you in color matching! With a little innovation you can offer your leather repair and care services in other sectors, for example: Marine, Aviation, Leisure, Clothing, etc.

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